About me

I have been passionate about development since I was 11 years old. Creating websites from college to today, I became a web developer then a project manager.

Before, I worked for 8 years in a web agency. I started with showcase sites for artisans, then moved on to community sites (town halls, tourist offices, etc.) to end up exclusively dealing with major accounts (e-commerce sites, internal tools, b2b, etc.). In direct contact with customers and highly appreciated as a main contact, I became a project manager. Referencing, marketing and performance have always been present during the development of our projects.

I'm open to work. If you have an exciting project, we can discuss it!

Hardware Things that I can touch

  • MacBook Pro 13" screen / Touchbar / 2020 / 2.3 Ghz Intel i7 / 16 Go / 512 Go

    Yep, still not on the shiny silicon. Even after seeing the unbelievable performance and efficiency with my own eyes. I think I will just wait the moment when this computer is not fulfilling my needs anymore. Hot take: Touchbar is awesome and I will miss it!

  • Ipad Air 4th generation / 64 Go / Wifi

    I never found tablets useful before, a computer and a phone is all you need. I didn't even have a TV. I purchased this iPad refurbished for one and only reason: having a portable second screen for my Mac. Now it's part of my daily routine. I don't know how I do, but I do switch seamlessly between my 3 devices

  • Iphone 13 Mini 13 Mini / 128 Go / 5G / Dual sim

    Yep I'm in this minority of buyers. And I understand why the mini it's discontinued. It's great, but it's always right on the edge performance wise. This lifespan will be shorter than bigger models for sure. I like the form factor, the connectivity is great, photos are great and having dual sim is really handy when traveling

  • Airpods Pro 1st gen with wireless charging case

    Nothing to say, they are perfect. If you want to send me a gift, I will happily take the new ones ^^

  • Logitech MX Master 3S White / Mac edition

    I'm a hybrid user. I use both my mouse and my Touchpad, don't recommend it, wy wrist hurts me so much. But I recommend this mouse, it's great ! And I can switch between my mac, ipad and Steam Deck.

  • Steam Deck 1st gen LCD version / 512 Go / anti-glare screen

    From 12 to 28 years old, I had a sick gaming desktop setup. Now that I'm a nomad, the Steam Deck is perfect until I buy a new home

  • Fiat Ducato 2.3L / 150 HP / H2L3 / converted by myself

    Why there is a van in this list? Did you see that awesome picture at the beginning of this page? I'm living in a van and this van has an awesome electrical setup. Full Victron, lot of solar power and Starlink (soon). Soon there will be an entire article to go through the specs.

Software I use daily to code

  • PHPStorm

    I mean, it does everything I need. Use what suits you. Plugins I recommend ordered by importance: Nyan Progress Bar, Laravel IDEA, Laravel, Pest, Alpine.js support, Emmet everywhere, Antlers Language Support

  • TablePlus

    The only database tool you need

  • Raycast

    Raycast is an extendable launcher that replace my MacOS Spotlight

  • Ray

    A desktop application that serves as the dedicated home for debugging output. No more dump() and dd() that broke your page

  • Tinkerwell

    Prototyping PHP code has never been so easy

  • iTerm2

    It all begin in a terminal, right?

Services I'm subscribed to

  • Proton Mail

    Security focused email provider. I'm using it for my custom domain mails.

  • Fathom Analytics

    Privacy focused analytics. You can find it on every website I made. Simple and not intrusive

  • Oh Dear

    All-in-one monitoring tool for websites. Great tool to monitor the front but your back too

  • Laravel Forge

    Server management for your Laravel applications from the creator of Laravel them self

  • Laravel Shift

    You have better things to do than upgrade Laravel. Let bots do all the shifty work for you.

Podcasts I'm listening to

  • Mostly technical

    By Ian and Aaron, a lively discussion on Laravel, business, and an eclectic mix of related topics

  • Above board

    Follow Jack and Paul (the co-founders) in their journey of building and growing Fathom Analytics

  • The laravel podcast

    By Matt and Taylor, about Laravel and PHP development news and discussion

  • Notes on work

    I think I'm his therapist, or maybe he's mine. I don't know. From Caleb, creator of Livewire.

  • Hackers Incorporated

    Ben Orenstein and Adam Wathan on surviving the transition from developer to founder

  • Over Engineered

    A podcast where we explore unimportant programming questions in extreme detail

  • Tuple Podcast

    Ben Orenstein interviews great programmers about their craft

Newsletter I recommend reading

  • Laravel shift

    Even if you don't need shifts, just register! It's basically the best changelog of Laravel framework

  • PHP Annotated

    From Roman Pronski. The newsletter for everything PHP related, from core to frameworks

  • The Overflow

    A newsletter by developers, for developers, curated by Cassidy Williams and the Stack Overflow team

  • SRWieZ

    I have to promote mine right? I'm not sending much, but when I do, it's a news you wanna hear!