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Here you will find all my finds, even the smallest ones. I hope it will be useful to you too.

Help your users verify their email with Sniper Link

Apr 19, 2024 — Hey! I discovered this tool while using Mailcoach and I think it's very useful. May I introduce Sniper link, a little javascript tool showing a button that directly opens the user’s email client.

Improved handling of 404 errors with Livewire

Feb 11, 2024 — I like to use the findOrFail() function in Livewire methods that call actions. But I really don't like the default behaviour of Livewire showing a modal view with a 404. Let me show you how to personalise that.

How to have transition working with dynamic list on Livewire

Feb 11, 2024 — If you have tried to use wire:transition in a loop in Livewire, you may have seen some weird behaiour. It's because of limitation recently documented on Livewire. But no worries, I have a workaround for you!

2023 : Year in review

Dec 31, 2023 — The very existence of this article highlights one of my changes in 2023. I haven't done a review before so this will be an interesting exercise. I'm also going to have to take a tiny leap into the past.

Add scopes to already connected account in Socialstream

Dec 19, 2023 — You have a project that uses Laravel Socialite via Socialstream (Socialite for Jetstream) and after that some of your users logged into their account, you realized that you were missing rights. This tutorial allows you to ask your user to give you additional rights!

How I used Advent of Code to be a better at Pest testing with Laravel ?

Dec 17, 2023 — It's been a long time I didn't took a developer challenge. But this year Advent Of Code kept appearing in my social feed. So tried!

Backup your website databases to your NAS with Laravel Forge

Dec 16, 2023 — If you use Laravel Forge to manage your website, you have the option to make database backup to the cloud. But what if you don't want to send them to a cloud provider or send it locally to our head quarters?

Access your router configuration panel from outside using your Synology NAS

Dec 15, 2023 — I was in Portugal and needed to open a port on the router at my home in France. To access the NAT route configuration page, I had to create an SSH tunnel through my Synology.

Troubleshooting USB GPS not detected on VenusOS / CerboGX

Dec 14, 2023 — Your GPS is not showing on your Victron system? Here are some steps to help you fix that.

How to check if a USB GPS Receiver is working on macOS

Dec 11, 2023 — I have a GPS receiver connected to VenusOS. It's a bit of last minute thing that I added to my system and the problem is it's not ideally placed. So I had to check on my mac if it was still working.

Statamic: An asset container has not been configured

Oct 30, 2023 — If like me you encountered this error when trying to update your profile informations in the dashboard without touching anything else. I have the...

Smart water heating off-grid with Home Assistant & Victron

Oct 24, 2023 — If you have solar panels and not connected to grid, you may want a way to smartly consume the surplus of energy when you reach the full capacity of your battery. Here is your guide!

How to use with tailwindcss typography plugin

Sep 25, 2023 — When using Torchlight with Tailwindcss, the documentation is giving you all the utility classes you need to apply. But if you use the typography plugin, you will have pre styled with a weird padding background before the torchlight part.

Check if Statamic is in production with Antlers

Sep 20, 2023 — Another short one. Although Statamic has a great documentation, sometimes I struggle finding basics things like this. So here we go, hope this helps others.

Use Bun with Vite.js and Forge

Sep 16, 2023 — Here's a short one. When I (re)created this blog, Bun just got tagged 1.0 and I decided to try it.