Improved handling of 404 errors with Livewire

Published at Feb 11, 2024

I like to use the findOrFail() function in Livewire methods that call actions. But I really don't like the default behaviour of Livewire showing a modal view with a 404. Let me show you how to personalise that.

This is a short solution, simply copy this code into your app.js (or in a <script> tag if you want different behaviour through your app) and customize it with a modal or notification for your user. What makes the most sense for your application.

Since I'm using it in a CRUD context here, here is a simple and effective code.

document.addEventListener('livewire:init', () => {
Livewire.hook('request', ({ fail }) => {
fail(({ status, preventDefault }) => {
if (status === 404) {
// Your preferred behaviour
if (confirm('Ressource not found. Reload the page maybe?')) {
// Prevent Livewire default behaviour

And that's basically it! If you wanna learn more on the subject, checkout the Livewire documentation on Javascript hooks

As a little bonus/advanced way, here's how you can recharge just the component instead. I don't guarantee this will work in all applications, as it is a hacky way to access the Livewire request payload. Livewire can send multiple commands at once and this code may not access the correct one. This works for a full-page component with a method call, but it's a risky method and can break with a Livewire update.

if (confirm('Ressource not found. Reload the component maybe?')) {
let object = JSON.parse(payload);
let snapshot = JSON.parse(object.components[0].snapshot);
let component = Livewire.find(;

Have a nice day!

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